Ginding Leather is a small business engaged in fashion from genuine leather from Bogor, Indonesia. Started by Ir. Diana Indriani in 2017, this business was originally started as a manifestation of our founder’s interest in fashion and crafts from genuine leather. As his colleagues’ demand for large quantities of leather products continued to increase, he later founded Ginding Leather as a leather fashion convection business that accepts orders from several government offices under the Directorate General of Taxes (DJP)  and other agencies such as the Indonesian Aviation High School. (STPI).

Along with its development to date, we have started to build a brand character while trying to expand the domestic and international market. We have a business development team supported by several key partners (eg: Bogor City Regional National Craft Council) whose aim is to build the image of Ginding Leather as a one-stop shop for leather fashion, both for retail shopping and pre-orders in massive.

In addition, we are also committed to penetrating the international market by networking with the exporting company community, communicating with international potential buyers, and participating in the International Expo. However, we still do not abandon “traditional” market expansion methods, such as personal selling to agencies that have the potential to use our convection services.


With “Genuine Leather in Style” as our motto, Ginding Leather is committed to applying more creativity and innovation to genuine leather fashion. We produce various types of fashion products ranging from bags, wallets, pouches, jackets, to several innovative products (eg aprons) and other accessories (eg ID card holders).

All of these products are designed to respond to market interest with urban trends and lifestyles as their main orientation and character. In addition, Ginding Leather is also actively looking for new materials as an alternative to genuine leather with positive added values ​​for the community such as environmentally friendly, nature-based, and sustainability as our good intentions for community development.

With various potentials and challenges ahead, Ginding Leather is committed to continuously improving its business in various aspects such as business size, legal standing, branding, and domestic and international market reach.




Our Vision

“Ginding Leather as a fashion brand made of genuine leather (genuine leather) capable of becoming an urban trendsetter with a broad and competitive market reach, both on a national and international scale”

Our Mission

  1. Domestic market expansion through targeted marketing through offline and online platforms
  2. Develop a branding strategy to highlight the value proposition of Ginding Leather products for customers
  3. Synchronize product research and development with market analysis to produce suitable innovative products or pioneer new trends in society
  4. International market penetration and expansion through networking and direct promotion


Muhamad Gidry Abdurrazak

Chief Executive Officer

Rosalia Dewi Cahyani


Adrizal Gustiawan

Production Manager